Range of hosting options

All our websites are built from the ground up using the WordPress framework. Choosing the correct hosting package for your website is crucial. Below we have a few options that you may find useful.


This is our primary recommendation for WordPress website hosting, and although it may be a little more expensive, you get every penny’s worth. SiteGround offers Unparalleled server uptimes, rigorous server maintenance, global data centres (allowing quicker website speeds), free SSL, and daily backups for extra security.

Click here to see SiteGround’s hosting packages.

A2 Hosting

This hosting provider offers some fantastic and affordable packages, whether you’re looking for a small website or an e-commerce shop. They offer just about everything that SiteGround does, however, it’s perhaps a little less easy to navigate if you don’t know what you are doing.

Click here to see A2’s hosting packages.

Our Own Hosting

For smaller businesses, we automatically offer you our in-house hosting package. Our hosting is based on the SiteGround framework, so you get all the added benefits they offer.

Our hosting packages start from £80 per year (paid annually).